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Telescopic Crowns on teeth AND dental implants can be used to secure a removable bridge. Especially in Patients with Gum Disease and teeth with limited prognosis this can be a viable option to restore missing teeth.

Example 1

(Treatment carried out by Dr. Nelz)

Old denture                                                             Final result: additional incisor fitted to close gap








Primary telescopic crowns                                         Bridge in place (removable and repairable)










Secondary telescopic crowns inside bridge               Bridge in place











Example 2

Telescopic Crowns:

Non-precious metal on own teeth and Galvano on implants

telescopic crowns and galvano crowns telescopic denture on teeth and implants in situ removable bridge







Example 4
Telescopic Denture

primary-telescopes-1 denture-with-secondary-telescopes

This Patient phoned us later to tell us that he is “over the moon” with his new telescopic denture.










More Information can be found on our partner website:  www,dental-implant-alternatives.co.uk

Or call 01637852888 to arrange a free consultation with Dr. Nelz