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Teeth Straightening – 6 months smile

Dr Nelz has undertaken extensive postgraduate orthodontic training in the field of  fixed and removable appliances. Cosmetic ” Teeth Straightening” involves only the upper and / or lower 6 Front Teeth without changing the bite. This is a viable  alternative to unnecessary invasive veneer or crown preparation.

Treatment Example 1:

Crowded upper and especially lower front teeth had a very detrimental effect on the Patients Smile. Treatment with fixed braces and removal of one lower front tooth.  Active treatment time ~ 6 months.

Treatment Example 2:  upper and lower front teeth crowded. Treatment with ceramic braces and tooth coloured archwires.


Treatment included enamel reduction up-righting of upper and lower molars in order to gain space. Final teeth whitening and fixed retainers to complete the case.

 Treatment Example 3:   Removable Appliance (Inman Aligner)

The correction of the position of the upper front teeth took only 2 months. The appliance we used for this case was an ‘Inman Aligner’.
However the success of the Inman Aligner Treatment very much depends on the ability of the Patient to wear the appliance at least 14 hours a day. If that’s not possible and the patient rejects braces on the outside of the teeth we recommend lingual braces  which are fixed on the ‘inside’ of the teeth.

Treatment Example 4: fixed braces and teeth whitening

Treatment Example 5: clear Aligners



Lingual Braces (Braces fixed on the inside or tongue side) for short term cosmetic treatments.

Also known as “6 months smile” : short term treatments to correct crowding on the upper or lower front without changing the position of the back teeth. These treatments can be done either with removable appliances such as: Inman Aligner or clear Aligners (Invisalign, Clearstep) or fixed braces on the outside or insider of the teeth.

Lingual braces (inside) can be used in simple cases of misalignment of front teeth.



Techniques used at Atlantic Dental:

Fixed Braces (aesthetic tooth colored brackets):
Lingual (inside) Braces: invisible
Inman Aligner:  removable Appliance
Clear Aligner: Invisalign

For more information on Teeth Straightening call: 01637852888

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