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Smile Gallery: Some clinical Cases treated by Dr. Nelz

Implants upper jaw and teeth whitening / straightening lower jaw

 before                                                                                                                            after

Implant Bridge upper jaw: “All on 5” 

Extremely loose upper bridge and gum disease.                                        Placement of 5 Implants.

Screw retained bridge (open access holes for illustration)                    Smile with bridge in place

Implants lower jaw and Composite bonding upper front teeth

before                                                                                                                              after
Patient with Gum Disease and worn upper front teeth: the lower front teeth were replaced with a bridge on 3 implants the upper front was build up using  ‘Composite bonding’.  Please note the treatment is still in progress and we are now restoring the upper left and right jaw to replace the missing back teeth.

 Upper Implant retained bridge

before                                                                                                                             after
This Patient had a denture for many years and we placed 3 implants and fitted a bridge. Her own teeth and the old crowns are slightly darker than the bridge but the Patient liked the shade so much that we agreed to fit it.

Orthodontic Treatment and Crowns

Periodontal Treatment, Implants and Composite Veneers upper and lower jaw

Gum Disease and severe Bone-loss. Treatment of the Gum disease and Implants placed in upper and lower jaw. Existing teeth (discolored) restored with composite bonding.

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