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Botox injections by non medics soon to be outlawed

Did you know that up to know in the UK non medial people such as Beauticians can administer anti wrinkle  Botox injections? I heard from some of my clients about “Botox Parties” in which someone organized a group of clients to gather at someone’s house in order to inject Botox. Up till know I thought this person must at least be a medical Nurse… I was wrong! Apparently the law in the UK allows anyone to inject Botox and /or administer Dermal Fillers. The United Kingdom is the land of contradiction: teeth whitening is illegal if the whitening  gel contains a certain percentage of hydrogen peroxide. Dental Nurses are only allowed the basic tasks and not even impression taking or fabricating temporary crowns is within the scope of a qualified Dental Nurse. BUT she could administer BOTOX. That’s crazy!!

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) wants to put an end to these Botox-Parties and rogue Traders:

“We have serious concerns that not all those who offer cosmetic procedures are adequately qualified, or that patients are getting accurate information prior to treatment”

Prof Norman WilliamsRCS president

However a recent poll by ComRes of 1,762 people found many considered the cost of surgery more important than the qualifications of the people doing it or how they would be looked after. This is shocking in my eyes but the same people would probably sue the person who caused damage without thinking twice.

Dr. Nelz at Atlantic Dental has been trained using Dermal Fillers in 2002 and Botox in 2006. He undertook further advanced training and practices these treatments on a daily basis. Our fees are the lowest in Cornwall and start from £120 for Frown lines (subject to suitability).   Before and after pictures can be found here.    

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