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Dental Implants in the aesthetic zone…

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Dental Implant treatment in the front tooth area requires careful planning in order to achieve an aesthetic result. The “gumline” around an implant in the front needs to look natural, That is especially important in a patient who shows the gum line when speaking/smiling. Mistakes in such cases can have grave consequences for the aesthetic appearance of a persons smile.

Case Study
This patient was treated by Cornwall dentist Dr. Peer Nelz at Atlantic Dental in Newquay.
In this case a patient requires dental implants in the upper right jaw which included a sinuslift and the placement of 2 implants. Additionally the patient asked for improvement of the upper front. We decided to remove the lateral incisor using the socket preservation technique and a “punchgraft” followed by a temporary direct fiberglass bridge.







After the healing period we placed an Implant (Legacy 3) and refitted the temporary fiberglass bridge.

The healing period of 3 month passed and we took the impression (after implant exposure and rollflap procedure).

A zirconium abutment was used to avoid dark coloring of the gingival margin.