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Dental Implants from £995

Atlantic Dental is one of the most advanced dental clinics in Cornwall with dental implant fees from £995 compared to the typical UK fee of £2000 for a fully completed implant. In order to increase efficiency we are equipped with a CT-Scanner as well as a small laboratory and are therefore in a position of delivering excellent dental implant treatments at affordable prices.

Our fee of only £995 per tooth includes a dental implant, a titanium abutment and a porcelain fused to metal crown. It does NOT include Bone/Gum grafting, temporary crowns or dentures and it is only suitable for back teeth replacements.

Our Surgeon, Dr. Nelz has been placing implants since 1997 and is able to provide the full range of dental implant treatments including sinus lifts,  block grafts and soft tissue surgery.

The success rate of dental implants is very high: between 98% and 95% of implants are still in place after 10 years.

The FREE Consultation includes a Panoramic X-ray. In case a CT-Scan is needed we charge only £95 (compared to £500 in many UK clinics). 

Some clinical examples of our work
Case 1:  single tooth implant 

Single tooth implant treatment in the front requires careful planing and technique. You can see here an example for a good aesthetic result with a correct positioned implant and a stable gumline around the crown.

Case 2: multiple implants and bridge in upper front 

3 Implants and Bridge. Please note: the Patient asked explicitly for a very bright  shade for the bridge  and we think it’s blends in well with his darker skin.

Case 3: Lower front tooth implant

A flying mobile phone led to the loss of a lower front tooth. We could repair the damage with the placement of a dental implant and a ceramic crown.