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Dental implants cost

The cost of Dental Implants is nowadays subject to a fierce marketing battle on Google. Prospective Patients are lured with headlines like “Dental Implants from £150” but on closer inspection it turns out this is the fee per month for and interest bearing loan which brings the total cost up to over £1800 per implant. Eastern European Clinics understate their fees and add the extras on when the Patient arrives and a examination is carried out. At that time the Patient has already spent days travelling and lost valuable working hours at home. As the competition on the dental implant market is high prices for the Patients are coming down!. These days there is no need to travel abroad. In simple terms: it is simply stupid! There are many clinics in the UK who offer implants fully restored between £1500 and £1700. In our clinics we can offer dental implants from as little as £995! Fees are explained here. In general a back tooth can be replaced much easier in the lower jaw if the bone is healthy and not already thinning. An Implant in the upper front area which is called the “Aesthetic Zone” requires much more attention to the soft tissue situation: does the Patient show a lot of gum when smiling? Has the tooth been lost a long time ago with the result of an atrophic jawbone? Here is the experience and expertise of the surgeon of utmost importance. A mistake can result in an unsightly or even ruined smile. See a good example for the restoration of an upper front tooth here.   The recommendation for Patients who consider a replacement of a missing tooth is NOT to wait until  the tooth has been extracted but to have a consultation with an implant surgeon beforehand. The removal of a tooth by an implant surgeon is done in a way to preserve the delicate alveolar bone for the placement of an implant. The ideal situation would be the direct implantation after the extraction and if possible the fitting of a temporary crown. That would reduce the surgical trauma of a second intervention. If you have got question regarding the cost of dental implants please contact us.

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