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Teeth on implants in one day

The revolutionary technique which could change your life…

The “SKY fast & fixed” method developed by the german company bredent  is an advancement of the “All-on-4”   method by Nobel Biocare. Outstanding clinical results have been achieved using the method.

This concept is highly beneficial for Patients who are facing extensive tooth loss and want to avoid  dentures Or Patients who are unhappy with their dentures.

Benefits for the Patient:

Immediate fixed restoration on the day of surgery.
Extensive bone augmentation and sinus lifts can be avoided.
Fixed restoration at a fixed price.


CT-Scanner for precise planning of Implant Position and fabrication of surgical guides

Dental Laboratory for fabrication of  restorations within a very short period of time

Atlantic Dental with its own CT-Scanner and on site Dental Laboratory is ideally equipped for Teeth in a day Treatments.

Time Schedule (Example)

Day 1: Pre OP Examination, CT Scan, Study Models, Treatment Plan, surgical guide

Day 2 am:Extraction if necessary Implant Placement and Impression for fixed temporary bridge

Day 2pm: Placement of fixed temporary bridge to worn during the healing period of ~ 3 months

Day 3 (3 months later): Impression taking for final restoration (Patient can choose between several options)

Day 4: Fitting of final restoration

Oral Hygiene Instructions / Aftercare

 How much does it cost: The fee depends very much on the Patients choice of the final restoration. However the average UK fee for the SKY Fast and fixed Treatment is between £15k and £30k. At Atlantic Dental we charge at around 60%:  between £9k and £18k

Many patients who are facing the loss of their remaining teeth or  patients who are already wearing dentures want fixed teeth without invasive surgical procedures like bone grafting and /or sinus lifts which require lengthy appointments.

How does it work?

Example: Patient with Gum Disease (Periodontitis). Although Gum Disease Treatment was carried out the remaining teeth became more and more mobile and had to be removed.

4 Implants in the lower jaw  and / or  6 implants in the upper jaw will be placed at time of the extraction of the teeth.  Immediately after the placement of the implants an impression will be taken to fabricate the temporary (fixed) bridge while the Patient waits in  special relaxing room for a couple of hours.

After a ~ 3 months Osseointegration period during which the implants are “healing” into the jawbone  the temporary bridge will be removed and a permanent bridge will be fitted.

4 Implants in the lower  and 6 implants in the upper jaw are proven to be sufficient for an instant fitting of a fixed restoration (” immediate loading”) provided the Patient is suitable and has got no active gum disease or medical condition which affects the integration of the implants.

This picture shows only 4 implants in the upper jaw :  however at Atlantic Dental we follow the  concept of 6 Implants in the UPPER jaw as this has been proven to yield the most successful outcome: 98% success. The distal (last) implants in the upper and lower jaw are placed in an angle between 15 and 45 degree which increases the stability of the implant and protects vital structures like the sinus cavity in the upper jaw and the inferior alveolar nerve.

Treatment Planing:  The “Same day teeth” procedure requires the use of a CT-Scanner (CB-CT= Cone Beam Computer Tomography) and special software to plan the exact location of the implants. Computer guided surgery is often required to place implants safely. Only an experienced dental surgeon will carry out such treatments.

At Atlantic Dental our Implant Specialist Dr. Nelz has 18 years experience and placed his first implants in 1997. Our clinic is equipped with a modern CT-Scanner and SimPlant Software.

Case Study 

This Patient lost all her back teeth years ago and the remaining jawbone was very thin. A conventional partial denture would have been very difficult to tolerate for this middle aged Patient.


After  a CT Scan and the use of a surgical guide (Simplant) we could place safely 4 Implants. The last implants have been placed at an 30 degree angle to avoid damaging the nerve. Despite the very limited bone volume a fixed temporary bridge was placed at the time of the implant placement.  The Patient left the practice with fixed teeth and returned after 3 months for the impression for the final bridgework. It should be added that the Patients lower left wisdom tooth has been extracted at the time of the final bridge fitting.

The fixed Bridge made from a metal frame and acrylic-composite veneers (bredent- visio.lign).  The bridge is removable for alterations or Hygiene Treatments.

The “All-on-4” implant treatment is a proven and successful alternative to removable dentures on implants  or invasive bone grafting procedures and restoration with multiple implants.